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Current openings
Current Openings
Job title Qualification Experience Location  
Hospital Manager MBA/MHM Preferred 5 Yrs Oman Apply Online
Urologist MBBS/MS/DM 5 Yrs Oman Apply Online
Nephrologist MBBS/MS/DM 5 Yrs Oman Apply Online
Anesthesiologist MBBS,MD/DNB 5yrs Bahrain Apply Online
Cardiologist-Non interventional MBBS,MD,DM 5Yrs Bahrain/Oman Apply Online
Orthopedician - Indian MBBS,DNB 5 Yrs Kuwait Apply Online
Internal Medicine -Keralite preferred MBBS,MD 5 YRS Kuwait Apply Online
Gynecologist with Laparoscopic skills MBBS,MD/DNB,MRCOG(Preferred) 6-12 yrs Muscat,Oman Apply Online
Pediatrician with Neonatology exp MBBS,MD/DNB,MRCPCH(Preferred) 6-12 yrs Muscat,Oman Apply Online
Gastroenterologist -Indian/Arabs MBBS,MD,DNB,DM for Indians/MBBCH/MSc ,Masters in Gastroenterology Min 3yrs Oman/Kuwait Apply Online
Cardiologist - Indian/Arabs MBBS,MD,DNB,DM for Indians/MBBCH/MSc ,Masters in Cardiology Min 3yrs Kuwait/UAE Apply Online
Radiologist -Any Nationality - Female MBBS/Equivalent with Masters in Radiology Min 3 yrs Oman Apply Online
Radiologist - Indian /Egyptian MBBS,MD,DNB for Indians /MBBCH,MSc,Masters in Radiology Min 3 yrs Kuwait Apply Online
Ophthalmologist -Indian MBBS,MS Min 3 yrs Oman/Kuwait Apply Online
Gynecologist - Arabic - Female MBBCH/Equivalent with Masters in Gynecology Min 3 yrs Oman/Kuwait Apply Online
Dermatologist- Indian-Female MBBS,DDVL/MD Min 3 yrs Oman Apply Online
Cardiologist - Indian MBBS,MD,DM Min3 yrs Oman Apply Online
Pediatrician - Indian MBBS,MD Min3 yrs GCC Apply Online
General Practitioner - Any Nationality MBBS Min 5 yrs GCC Apply Online

Ralipp Jobs does not charge job seekers any fee or other consideration for using our services. Please do not pay any money in favor of Ralipp jobs to anyone who promises to find you a job. This could be in the form of a registration fee or document processing fee or visa charges or any other pretext. The money could be asked for upfront or it could be asked after trust has been built or after some correspondence has been exchanged. Also please note that in case you get a job offer or a letter of intent without having been through an interview process it is probably a scam.

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