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Credit Solutions
About Ralipp credit solutions

The professional solution in the country for Commercial and Consumer Debt Collection and Receivable Management services using most efficient, professional, cost effective and proven methods.

Debt Collection

Our debt collection strategy includes tracing and verifying the address and the current status of the Debtors, follow-up with them regularly and even arranging face to face discussions for an Amicable Settlement by following proven principles of negotiation.

  • Collections/ Recoveries
  • Soft Collections through call centre
  • Repossession of vehicles with legal methods
Legal & Para-Legal services

We offer prompt, efficient Legal & Para-Legal services which ensures your business gets the best services possible. We understand your industry, culture and goals. Our innovative solutions extend beyond practices and borders, just as your business needs do with a dedicated team comprising of highly experienced Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Consultants from all technical fields, provide relevant legal services with an in-depth expertise and experience under the Indian Legal system

Verifications Services
  • Contact Point Verifications (CPV)
  • Employee Verifications
  • CIBIL verification
  • DEDUPE Checks
  • Business Loan due diligence
  • Verification of title deeds, assets & individuals
  • Corporate Financial Investigations
  • Inventory Audits/ Inspections

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